Are You Tagging for Greater SEO?

Theresa Sneed

I’m really enjoying this new website and can already see the importance of setting one up to meet my book marketing needs. Here’s something I’ve gleaned from setting up my site that you might want to add to yours for greater SEO (search engine optimization), if you haven’t already done so.

Tagging ~ everywhere ~ see the tag line on the top of my website opposite my title, which is my name or brand and an effective SEO tool in and of itself? Every word tagged there helps those little “spiders” that search the world wide web for information ~ find you. Inside of your Word,  go to settings; then general; see the heading called “tag line”? That’s where you put key words that lead to your “product”, or in my case, my books. In between each descriptor, put a vertical bar | . To make a vertical bar, hold down the shift key and press the \ above the enter key. The tutorial I watched wasn’t completely clear with the spacing, but it looked as if he was putting a space before and after the | . If someone reading this knows for sure, please let me know.

Also, inside the “guts” of your website, you should tag every post and category too to help lead those little web-buggers straight to you. To learn more about how to do this – type in Word Press tutorials and check out the countless u-tube videos for help.  Robert Wimer’s tutorials are great for beginners, and now I’ve also discovered which goes a little deeper into web creating.

Remember – you may have the greatest book or idea in the world, but if you keep it only in your little corner of the world then only your little corner will know about it. Get your brand out there!

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10 Responses to Are You Tagging for Greater SEO?

  1. Thanks for posting about this. I tweeted, liked, Google+d, and shared on LinkedIn. Please tell me the name of your plug-in for all of that at the bottom of your posts.

  2. Betsy Schow says:

    Ugh. Why is the not book writing part so stinky?! Thanks for helping me wade through the extra crap

  3. Great blog! I retweeted!

  4. Phew. I’m doing that. And anything you happen to mention, you should be sure to tag because it will draw people to your blog.

  5. Kathy Thompson says:

    Theresa… I’m just getting used to the idea of promoting myself as a writer, so this article is great! I need all the tips I can get! Thanks!

  6. gloria says:

    I’m not ready for a website, but I learned how to make a straight line from a forward slash.

  7. Well, said. Most people don’t think about that kind of stuff, but it’s true. I tag all of my blog posts. If you want people to know you, you have to make yourself visible.

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