Update on 2013 Writing Goals

Author Theresa Sneed

If you want to get something done – you need to set goals, otherwise, they’re just wishes … I accomplished my first goal (Revising and editing Sons of Elderberry) seven days early, my second goal was to get it into the hands of beta readers – I now have six of them reading it for me; my third goal was to get back the beta readers input on Fair Lady and revise and edit from their notes – did that; fourth goal was to send Fair Lady to my editor – done, and I got word back from her that it looks like it’ll be published in April or May; fifth goal is to revise and edit Escape (10 pages a day, Mon-Fri) while I wait for beta readers’ input to come back on Sons of Elderberry … those are my goals to date, with many more to follow.

How are your goals? Need someone to bounce them off of? I’d be happy to listen!

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  1. My writing 2013 goals: Get Hidden Heritage published. Finish Escape from Fire and edit. Re-vamp Divine Love.

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