Storymakers Writing Conference May 10th – 11th, 2013

Wow! What a great trip I am having ~ loving Utah and totally enjoying myself. I’m here for a writing conference which is always loads of fun and extremely beneficial with tons of helpful writing tips and ideas to add to my writing tool box.

On Friday morning, I’m starting off with a class called “Perfect Pitch” which I am sure will sharpen my “pitching” skills. I’m going to need them as sharp as they can be, because I am pitching to Victoria Curran from Harlequin Heartwarming on Saturday – wish me luck!

Then, I’m moving on to a class called, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” on writing romance in fiction – I’m hoping to fill my writing tool box with great ideas on how to develop the best elements of romance.

After that class, I have chosen, “Making “Sweet” Romances” taught by Victoria Curran herself! Not only do I expect to grab some great ideas from her, but also, it will help me to understand more about what an editor from a major publishing house expects in their writers.

Then I’m taking, “”Story Turns” which focuses on cliffhangers, plot twists, reversals, etc. – stuff that makes the reader keep turning the pages to see what’s happening next.

The last class of the day for me is, “Beyond Microsoft Word: Cool Software for Your Writer’s Tool Box,” and I’m taking that class only because I’m curious. A friend and I are thinking of using dragon speech software and treadmills to help us get um, a little more active while we write, so I want to see what other things are out there.

The day will not be finished with that class though, as our keynote speaker, Anne Perry will address us at 4:00, followed by a mass book signing from 5-7 in which I am taking part.

Then, we will have a delicious dinner, followed by a “Publishers Meet and Greet” … where I will get to network with the awesome publishers and agents that will be there.

You’d think that would be enough, but no ~ the evening will end with a fun get-together of fellow authors hosted by Authors Incognito.

Whew! After all of that, I’m thinking that I am really going to sleep well tomorrow night, but maybe not. Did I mention I’m “sleeping over” at a writing friend’s house with four other women writers? 🙂

And then, it starts all over again the next day …

More to come …


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