The Birth of a Book

Theresa Sneed, author of No Angel

We all love births, don’t we! They’re so very exciting! These next few weeks will be equally exciting  for me, as I prepare for the birth of my newest book, From Heaven to Earth, the prequel to No Angel. I will be going through the final edits of From Heaven to Earth with my editor. As we get ready to go to press, I will see the cover of my new book. It’s kind of like seeing your baby for the first time–you created this lovely creature, but have no clue how it’ll actually turn out, and you’re hoping the world will love your new “baby” as much as you do!

Because I am not self published, I do not create my own cover. I made a minor suggestion a few weeks ago though. I asked if we could keep the No Angel theme going on all of the books for this series … I’m anxious to see how they will do that. Will they add a “book two” to No Angel, or will they simply have No Angel on the cover with a subtitle above or below it? Walnut Springs has an excellent reputation for great covers, so I can’t wait! I promise as soon as I see my cover, I’ll post it here for you to see too!

I’m hoping that tomorrow will be the “big day” for me to begin the final edits, but if not, it’ll be soon enough. Here’s what will happen–this is kind of like the “being in labor” part of birthing a book. Early in the morning, I’ll begin checking my emails for word from my editor. When it’s time, she will send me the first round of her edits. I will take those edits and open it up in word, accept all her changes, then go through each one. I will send it back to her with my approval or with one or two things I’d like to keep the way I had. But, in the end, I will accept everything, even if it’s not my favorite choice, because I trust my editor completely. She’s that good.

When you sign a contract, you have to be flexible and not a prima donna–someone who thinks they know more than their editor. If you are arrogant about your masterpiece–expect to not have an agent or a publisher. You’ll be too much work for them, no matter how good your story is. You have to be willing to accept the fact that your editor has a vast amount of experience and skill. It’s their job to edit–and they know what they’re doing.

When we begin the final edits, I’ll post a few examples everyday–with permission from my editor of course, so that you can see the remarkable process firsthand. It’ll be fun! Stick with me and watch the “birth” of my new book!


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