2012 Whitney Finalist

Earthbound by Theresa Sneed

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2011 Whitney Finalist

No Angel is a Whitney Finalist

2012 ANWA BOB Contest

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Here is an excerpt of the first place winning entry:

Escape by Theresa Sneed

Elizabeth Snyder stood next to the four-poster bed and watched Malcolm draw in then exhale long, deep breaths. His body lay belly down in a crumpled heap across the bed. The stench of his filthy body tightened the knots in her stomach as she clutched the butcher knife to her pounding chest. She ran her fingers across the welt on her cheek and winced. She felt the cold blade against her breast then raised it above his sleeping body. Reason fled as the desperate need to escape dulled her senses like the dried blood caked in her nostrils and hair. She moved the knife through the air slicing down effortlessly as if carving a turkey for a Thanksgiving dinner, deep into the mattress just inches from his shoulder. Her body weaved as she stared at the knife.

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2008 Mesa Public Schools Writing Anthology ~ First Place Winner


by Theresa Sneed

 I see it in my daughter’s resplendent smile

Awakened by the warmth of muted sunshine

Ethereal upon her tiny face

I hear it in my young son’s laugh

Deep dimples, twinkling blue eyes

Impish delight

I smell it from the scent of a rose

Dulcet laurel of life

Memories of gifts long given still fresh

I taste it from the passion of most moments

Early dew on soft grass

Buoyant breezes, unplanned muse

Eternal inmost elation

Delectable repose

I feel it in the depths of my heart

It holds no conditions, yet

Replete with sweet hope is this

Sensuous, ebullient essence

2010, 2011, and 2012 Winner of Nano

(National Novel Writing Month)

2012 NaNo Winner

2011 Nano Winner

2010 Nano Winner

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