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Maine 1990

I have always loved to write, but never imagined myself as a book writer until a few years ago. I had written several articles, short stories, poems, etc., but the idea of actually writing a novel alluded me. I esteemed novelists on such a high pedestal that becoming one seemed a bit of a lofty endeavor. As far as genre goes, my first book was realistic fiction with a slight touch of fantasy. It remains hidden in the bottom of my filing cabinet. My second book, co-authored with my dear friend, Kari Pike, is a self-help book which hides with my first book. My third book, Sons of Elderberry is total fantasy. It was buried for five years until recently and is my current “rescued” WIP. My fourth book, No Angel is my first published novel. It is in a category called speculative fiction, but I’ve also heard it referred to as spiritual fantasy. Its prequel, Earthbound went to press on April 26, 2012! I’ve already written an additional two books in my angel series and have at least three more in mind before that series is finished. I write in the mystery/suspense genre too and have a novel called Escape completed. It’s the second in a two-book series and cannot be published until I  finish writing book one ~after I am done revising and editing Sons of Elderberry.

Arizona 2011

I’ve written whole novels just from a catchy title, although I’d already developed the characters from previous books. No Angel is about a guardian angel with an attitude – that’s why I gave it the title No Angel, because the main character, Jonathan Stewart did not want to be a guardian angel, but had to because it’s required of all post-mortal spirits. I was thrilled when my editor chose to keep that title, because that doesn’t usually happen. The inspiration for writing No Angel came from wanting to write a fun story that had the workings of the spirit world as a backdrop. Though No Angel is fiction, there’s a lot in it that I imagine to be true.


Readers often ask me who my favorite book character is outside of the ones I’ve created. That would have to  be the wise Galadriel from the Lord of the Rings – I love her good choices. I also love Jane Eyre too – for the same reasons. My favorite book (next to religious books) is Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

Arizona 2011

My childhood experiences have developed me into the person that I am. My love for fantasy came from my mother reading Hans Christian Anderson to me out of the back of an old set of Encyclopedia Britannica. My fascination with Dr. Seuss books helped to develop the ability to look at things from wildly different perspectives. My passion for science kept me searching for the  “why and how” of things and a drive to believe that a greater intellect existed than that of man. My belief in angels came from incredible religious experiences as a child ~ I’d have to say that without doubt, my childhood experiences weigh heavily on my writing.



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  1. cdavis says:


  2. Cora Bailey says:

    Hi Mrs. Sneed, I met you at school and just found your site, can’t wait to read the books!

  3. Sheila L J Ross says:

    Hi! Theresa; Just finished NO ANGEL. Loved it. Can’t wait to read Heaven To Earth. What is the sequel going to be called? Sorry, I don’t have a website. Keep up the good work.

  4. Lorna Hale says:

    Loved your book.. loaned it to Tyera Harris and she loved it too! Great job!

    Lorna Hale

    • Thanks Lorna … miss ya girl! My second book, From Heaven to Earth will be out soon – I’ll post the date/time/location of its book launch as soon as its set up – in April, I’m assuming … 🙂

  5. Jeffery W. Small says:

    Hey sister , nice job. I can’t wait to see you and Bill . Much Love , J. W.

  6. I Love the look of your new blog, but I couldn’t seem to follow you.
    Good luck with your new book.

    • Thanks Carolyn! Yes, I’m still researching that … what that “follow me” button does is link you to more places to follow me like twitter, but I have yet to figure out how to do a simple “followers” button for just this site. I’ll keep looking!

  7. Arlis says:

    Hi Theresa! Love you website and the insight into your creative mind. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! Love your book No Angel.

  8. Kathy Thompson says:

    Love the look of your new website, Theresa! I have heard so much good stuff about No Angel that I can’t wait to read it! I’ll get back to you after I read it, and let you know if it lives up to it’s reputation! LOL. From what I hear, I bet it does!

  9. Dondi Molesworth says:

    I am so proud of you!!! You’re amazing……..

  10. Linda Mulleneaux says:

    Cool new site, Theresa. You and your books are amazing! I can’t wait to start editing “From Heaven to Earth” this week. 🙂

  11. Stephanie says:

    Hey. Nice website!! Good job. It’s a lot of work not only to write a book, but to do all the in between stuff.

  12. Betsy Love says:

    Great looking sight, my friend! You don’t have a follower tab or I’d be your first one!

  13. Kellydawn Zollinger says:

    Good morning Theresa,

    It was a pleasure chatting with you at the ANWA conference! I appreciated how you made me feel so comfortable and right at home. Your books sound amazing and i look forward to reading them.

  14. Susan Knight says:

    Hi, Theresa,
    I hit the Follower button twice but nothing happened. I don’t know if it worked or not. I’ll let you know if I get any email or notice of some kinds. ♥

  15. shirley w says:

    Great site Miss t!

  16. JoAnn says:

    Very nice website!! Enjoyed reading about you and your books. I would love to be a follower.

  17. julie says:

    Great website! book sounds very intriguing.

  18. Your blog looks great, but I’m not sure the “Follow me” widget in the side menu is working.

  19. I’m so thrilled with your success. How exciting that you are making your publishing dreams come true. Your books sound delightful.

  20. Kristy Tate says:

    Hi, Teresa, I also have a new blog that needs some love. losingpennyandpounds.blogspot.com THANKS! Kristy

    (I’m not sure if the follower thingy worked.)

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