Release of Salem Witch Haunt

It’s finally here!

Salem Witch Haunt’s release date is June 26, 2015.

I love this book –

Milo Feb 2015 003From the 9th great-granddaughter of Susannah North Martin, accused and hanged as a witch, comes SALEM WITCH HAUNT, a realistic time-travel steeped in suspense and intrigue with a touch of sweet romance.

When she finds herself thrust back in time, 17 year old Bess Salem Witch Haunt finalFRONTcoverJUNE192015Martin, a senior at Danvers High, sets out on a mission to save her 11th great-grandmother from the gallows-tree. With a near-perfect knowledge of the historical events about to unfold, Bess knows the untimely fate of many. The problem is that Bess has inherited her grandmother’s sharp tongue—a tongue that caused her grandmother to be tried and hanged as a witch in Salem Village, 1692. Can Bess stop the hangings and change the course of history, or will she share her grandmother’s fate?

Author Theresa Sneed delivers another compelling story in her new novel SALEM WITCH HAUNT. When Bess Martin’s life suddenly spirals back to 1692, she discovers that she is about to watch the events of the Salem Witch trials unfold—including the hanging of her ancestor, Susannah Martin. Bess is torn between trying to set things right in a volatile and dangerous time period, while struggling with her attraction to Hezekiah, the ancestor of her best friend, Trent. SALEM WITCH HAUNT is full of adventure, suspense, and romance, all set in a fascinating historical era. Highly recommended! – Heather B. Moore USA Today Bestselling Author


Theresa Sneed Ancestral Line4Author Theresa Sneed’s Ancestral Line

Susannah North Martin, b. 1621 (71 years old when hanged)

Abigail Martin Hadlock, b. 1659 (33 years old when her mother was hanged)

Hannah Hadlock Bowley, b. 1695 (born three years after her grandmother was hanged)

Oliver Bowley, b. 1726

Gideon Bowley, b. 1748

Oliver Bowley II, b. 1780 (a 17-year-old father to John)

John Bowley, b. 1797

Hiram Bowley, b. 1838

Clarence Lester Bowley, b. 1864

Lucy Mabel Bowley Harris, b. 1894

Judith Harris Small, b. 1930

Theresa Small Sneed, b. 1957


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