Goodreads Giveaway for Escape by Theresa Sneed

Love suspense and sweet romance? This is the book for you!

EscapeFINALRELEASEFRONTcoverHer past is too painful to remember, so she doesn’t. 

Finding her wandering the streets of Boston in a daze, Sheriff Malcolm Snyder gives Elizabeth Shepherd a name, but no identity. He cruelly locks her in his cellar and keeps her captive for five gruesome years, until one evening, when she escapes with his truck, his money, and his five year old daughter, Sally. 

They flee to a place hidden within the woodlands of Maine—beautiful Sebec Lake, dump his truck in its deep waters, and then unexpectedly runs into Sam Hancock, a young college professor with a cabin at the lake. 

Sam recognizes the signs of abuse and gives them a safe place to hide, while he takes off on a perilous journey to Taunton, MA, to clear Elizabeth’s name from the nationwide smear campaign the sheriff initiates, and the reward money he cunningly hangs over her head. 

Sam must hurry before the corrupt sheriff uncovers the trail that leads to his cabin and to the young woman and little girl he is trying to protect.

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